7 things for bikers during Lockdown

Lockdown couldn't have come at a worse time for the average motorcyclist. Just as the sun was starting to tease us, with those first warm rays that see us flocking out to the shed to wake the bike from its winter hibernation, the government informed us that we had to stay indoors.

There are some things that we can do to get our biking fix while helping to protect the NHS by staying indoors (or at least in our own property).

1 - Get it Wet

Any list of things to do is going to start with washing your bike but I know you have already done that, and you also took the extra time to get to that gunky bit you always miss, well at least the second time you washed it anyway. But have you actually cleaned it.

Use the time to take that bit of fairing off and clean under it, the other side of it, properly polish the metalwork, deep clean those hard to reach parts and wax it, I mean properly with a proper paste wax and use the correct tools for the job, not that old t-shirt the missus made you chuck out because the sleeve had fallen off. You can order anything online so why not get it sent to your door, that way you will get an extra day or 2 of anticipation. I recommend getting a kit like the Autoglym ultimate finish kit.

These will help keep your bike in tip top condition so when you do get to take it out, it is going to stay cleaner for longer and be less susceptible to stone chips and damage from road debris.

2 - Prep your bike

Have you checked over your bike, not just the pre ride checks but got out the manual and socket set and checked everything is tight and where it should be.

Now is a good time to finally order that workshop manual and learn how to do some housekeeping on your machine.

I have always used Haynes manuals, you will find them online at Amazon or in your nearest motor factors. they may need to order your specific one in but it is a great investment and will pay for itself the first time you don't have to go to a garage to get the oil changed.

Just a word of warning, take it easy. If you have never replaced a bulb, don't start by stripping your engine, build up to that.

3 - Watch some racing

We are all desperately missing our fix of petrol fueled sporting action, we were just finishing the long winter of no racing only to be told to wait a bit longer.

Luckily for us a lot of the series organisers are broadcasting past races and epic battles again, and a lot of them are free.

Moto GP is available on their website (motogp.com) with a free trial, you can watch the gladiators of motorcycle racing circle the arenas of the world. World superbike are opening sections of their website (worldsbk.com) to everyone for free so you can fondly reminisce over the classic races. Eurosport is doing their part too with a free trial of their Eurosport player or you gan get a years subscription for half price, so you can watch the on demand back catalogue which includes some BSB, WSBK and even Road racing.

4 - Sharpen up your riding skills

I know that's exactly what you want to do, get out on the bike and sharpen your skills. But we can't yet, so why not pick up that highway code or the guide you used to pass your theory test. Read some online advice on road positioning or finally look for an advanced riding course that you always promised you would do.

We can all improve our roadcraft sp why not take this opportunity to do just that.

5 - Ride Virtual Bikes

You deserve a break after all that study, and should go for a ride, not out there. On the TV. We are catered for now better than we ever were in terms of video games. Moto GP has been producing a new version every year, while others are catching up. True cars have a better coverage but for the digital biker you can choose from Roads with TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2 available for most consoles or you can have Ride 3 for the actual roads, with a massive choice of bikes to choose from.The latest offering from MotoGP is MotoGP 20 or if off road is your thing you can choose form a massive range of MX, ATV, MX vs ATV and Supercross games available for different consoles.

6 - Write your Bike it List

Normal people talk about their bucket lists and normally put "Ride a motorbike" on it, well we have already done that so lets work out where we are going to take it now.

Make a list of the places you want to take your own, or rent a bike. Find out how to get there, what you need and how long it takes.

There is no point in dreaming about it for years and not doing anything about it. So no matter if it is the Causeway Coast or the Road of Bones, get planning so you can get it ticked off that list.

7 - Turn some pages

Opening a book might not get your blood going but that might just be because you've been opening the wrong books. If reading isn't your thing, check out Audiobooks.

You can choose from the biographies of many racing legends like Joey and Robert Dunlop, Adventure with Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor or go further back and travel the world with Ted Simon in Jupiter's Travels.

I hope these suggestions help you to kill the boredom for a while at least, It won't be long until we can take the cover off again and start her up, knowing that this time we can go for a ride.

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