For the Locals

We all share at least 1 thing in common, we all have got bitten by the bug, we now have petrol in our veins, are addicted to the freedom only a motorcycle can give us and own at least 1 item if leather clothing.

Join me as I travel the country to meet the people that make this community what it is, you guys, the riders, the builders, the shop owners, the builders and the club members.

We all know the nod we give each other, the respect that we share and knowledge that we didn't choose the easiest way of getting somewhere but we did choose to get there with a smile on our faces.

If you are new to riding, you will see others out on the roads, the coffee shops or just parked up chatting. It can be intimidating to approach these new people, what if they dont like me, or worse what if they think my bike is small. What if i'm too slow to ride with them. Don't worry about all that. Here is will do the leg work for you. 

I'll try to list the clubs so that you know if there is one near you and where possible some info on how to find them.

The dealerships and showrooms too, we will all need to visit one at some stage, some to check out he latest machines, some to replace that broken clutch lever on your 20 year old commuter. 

I will let you know about any shows, events, races or rides that are going on in the area so you can come along and join in. the Whats on page will have the updated calendar. If you are hosting an event or know of one that should be on the calendar, get in touch here and let me know.

Dealerships and Garages

We will all need to find a dealership at some stage but most likely we will want to go have a look at the new bikes

Here are the ones I can find


Belfast Harley Davidson

Dealer for Harley Davidson.


GS Motorcycles

Dealer for Suzuki, Royal Enfield and Indian


Charles Hurst

Honda, Yamaha and BMW Motorad

Use the links above or visit the group site at


Ballymena Honda

Honda dealership



Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Vespa and Piaggio


Millsport Motorcycles


Philip McCallen Motorcycles

Dealership for Trumph, KTM and Kawasaki


Franks Motorcycles

Used bikes, workshop and repair.



DG Motorcycles

Customs, restorations, workshop and repair.


HTM Motorcycles

Husqvarna Dealership

Clubs and Associations 

There are plenty of Clubs and Associations out there, the only trouble is finding them and how to join.

Like the bikes we ride they all come in different shapes and sizes. 

I'll explore who they are and how you can join them. in the meantime here is some info on what I can find out.

this list will evolve over time as I discover more clubs in the area.

Meet The Makers

Here we will meet the people in the industry that make it what it is.

I'll speak to the custom builders, the club leaders, the retailers and the specialists.

The people that we want to ask that question to but not sure who to ask or hold back from asking incase you might sound strange. 

Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...